Digital Signage

This relatively new sector is an opportunity for printers. Digital signage enables companies to offer complete integrated solutions for their clients campaigns.

Digital signage products include LED and LCD screens, touch monitors, software and LED panels.

Investment in digital media can offer complementary solutions to printed media, as well as offering additional benefits in speed and durability.

FESPA Digital Printing provides printers with the chance to review this technology and how it can enhance their service offering.

General Information

October 20-23, 2021
Wednesday to Friday, from 13h to 20h
Saturday, from 10h to 17h

* Expressly prohibited entry for children under 16.

* Entry is prohibited for visitors wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, slippers and flip-flops.

Expo Center Norte - Blue Pavillion
R. José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

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