Textile Printing

Textile printing with its constant technological advancements means it has increased uses in the world around us. At FESPA Digital Printing , print solution providers will be able to see the possibilities that printing on fabric offers, not only in the clothing/fashion segment, but also for soft signage, home décor and custom interior designing.

A visit to the show lets you explore how this application could add new potential revenues for your print business.

General Information

March 20-23, 2023
Monday to Thursday, from 13h to 20h

*Following the determinations of the Municipal Decree Nº 60.488, FESPA Digital Printing informs that it will be mandatory to present a portfolio or proof of at least one vaccine dose for access to the fair.

Only physical proof or the official application/website of the responsible body in your country will be accepted.

* Expressly prohibited entry for children under 16.

* Entry is prohibited for visitors wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, slippers and flip-flops.

Expo Center Norte - Blue Pavillion
R. José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

For further information about visiting, register or talks:
Glenda Lyra
Tel:+55 (11) 4013-7979